We built a loft bed!

loft bed

After searching in vain for the Perfect Loft Bed, we finally just decided to make one ourselves. We wanted one that would be comfortable with our 8-ft. ceilings, but that would also leave lots of space underneath for our 8-yr old to hang out. He also has a pretty small room, so we only wanted a bed with an upright ladder that does not take up further floor space. We ended up combining our favorite features from many different beds. After so many people asked if we could tell them how we did it, we finally decided to sell our plans for anyone else who thinks this is the perfect loft bed too! Our twin ed only took a few days to make, and cost under $75 for materials! (Not including paint, should you decide to paint yours, like we did.) If you would like a copy of our very detailed plans, which include lots of diagrams and photos, we are selling them for $10 via paypal, to go towards our kid’s college fund!

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10/6/15 UPDATE! I am attempting a new method of payment that will send out the plans instantly, rather than my having to send them personally when I’m able to. (It’s that BUY NOW button above). I’m no programmer, so hoping this works! Just waiting for my first guinea pig. Please just lemme know if you purchase and do not receive your plans right away. Thanks for your patience!

10/8/15 UPDATE! I think it’s working! This will allow you to get your plans AS SOON AS YOU ORDER THEM – yay! One thing: you will get an email that might look like spam, which will include a link that might look like more spam. It’s not! It’s from “e-junkie” which is the service I’m using to send out the plans to you.

197 thoughts on “We built a loft bed!

  1. What color and brand of paint did you use for your loft bed? Will purchase plans via cc tomorrow….can’t wait to start project this holiday weekend.

    • Hi there! I used Kilz Latex primer, tinted gray. Code on top says: B 1Y BG. Might make sense to someone!

      Then for the black, I used Benjamin Moore Natura in eggshell. Can says Base 4 513 4x. I had it colored to Black Beauty.

      Thanks for asking!

    • Hi, I´m from Argentine . I love this Loft bed and i want to make it for muy tall teen daugther. Are you still selling this plans! Thanks

    • Hi!

      I purchased the plans, went to a couple of different places to get the supplies and have 2 questions regarding what to get:

      1- For the 2-1/2 screws, did you use the #8 or #10 size 2-1/2″ screws?

      2- Neither place had the 1-5/8″ screws. Should I go a size up (1-3/4″) or a size down (1-1/2″)?

      • Let’s see. 1-our 2-1/2 screws don’t specify 8 or 10. Husband is guessing either would work. 2- the 1-5/8″ screws, I guess you can go larger so long as they aren’t so long that they poke thru the wood.

  2. Hi! Love the bed! We are looking to build a loft bed for our daughter but need it to fit a full size mattress. Would your plans be easily modified to make wider?

      • We actually bought these plans and built a bed. We also added the ladder on the other side in case we need to put it on other wall. Posting pics in about 5 min. The plans are awesome, extremely detailed with pics. Very easy to make and cost us 150$ Max.

  3. Just curious if your plans are for a twin or full size mattress. For the cost, this idea is much more affordable than anything we have considered AND looks great!!!

  4. How many hours did this take? We are not handy, so I’d have to hire my handyman to do it. How much do you think the materials are? The loft is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much. My 9-year-old daughter is dying for a loft.

    • Hi there! I so totally should’ve kept track of the exact hours, but I did not. We finished whole thing in a weekend, not killing ourselves. Didn’t work sun up to sundown or anything like that. And that didn’t include painting, since we primed, that had to dry, then I think two coats of the black.. Sorry I can’t be more exact!!

  5. I love this bed and think it will solve my problems of only having 8ft high ceilings like yourselves. Quick question though before I buy, how high is the clearing under the bed? Just want to see how it will work if I want a small desk under it. Lastly, how detailed are the plans? I’d need the paint by numbers, step by simple step approach. Thanks!

  6. Hello! Are the plans still available? Also I was wondering if there was a way to make this a bunkbeds? I have three boys in a room and would love to find a bunkbeds plan and your bed looks amazing!

    • They are still available! ; ) I do not have plans for making the loft into a bunk, however a few people sent photos that they put a bed (twin or double) perpendicularly underneath.

  7. I want to purchase the plan but I need to know the dimension of the bed. Height, width, length. Also height on the inside. Please and thank you!

  8. We would like to try to build it this weekend while daughter is out of town as a surprise, is there any faster way to pay so we can get started?

  9. I’m looking for this exact style plans, but for a queen size. So hard to find! I’m NOT great at such things, and don’t feel capable of song the conversions on my own. Has anyone already done this, and if so are plans available?

  10. Just ordered your plans, love the wall the bed is up against. Did you do that yourself and do you have a full picture?

  11. love this bed….i don’t want to buy it untill i know how high it is? can you tell me the dimensions? specifically the height?

  12. Hi! I’m thinking the answer is yes since you just responded last month, but can I still purchase the plans? The hubs and I are loving this one the best of all we’ve seen🙂

  13. Thank you so much! My husband and 11 year old daughter are almost finished with construction and will be painting it soon. So happy we found this and you’re still selling the plans! We searched effortlessly for a loft bed that a) we didn’t hate and b) didn’t cost $900. You’re a couple of life-savers🙂 Pics to follow as requested!

  14. I see you made this back in November 2012. Can I please get the plans? I basically want to make 2 of these and place them together in an L shape

  15. You still sending info on that bunk loft bed ? I’m thinking of building one for my 2.5 year old son

    Thanks for any info

  16. Hi I am just wondering if you are still selling the plans for the DIY loft bed that you have posted above? My daughters room is very tiny and I think this would be a great solution to providing more space for her. Thank you!

  17. I just bought the plans!! I am super excited to build this!! This is the nicest one I have seen in a long time. My son will be thrilled!!

  18. Hi there, I live in New Zealand I was just wondering if your plans are still available & also are the plans done in inches, centimeters or millimeters, very cool loft bed, thanks so much for your time.

    Kind regards Antoinette 😆

    • Yes – we are still selling the plans, but sadly, no, they are just for a twin. If you look at the photos page, you’ll see many easily converted the plans to full sized. You can do it!! ; )

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