We built a loft bed!

loft bed

After searching in vain for the Perfect Loft Bed, we finally just decided to make one ourselves. We wanted one that would be comfortable with our 8-ft. ceilings, but that would also leave lots of space underneath for our 8-yr old to hang out. He also has a pretty small room, so we only wanted a bed with an upright ladder that does not take up further floor space. We ended up combining our favorite features from many different beds. After so many people asked if we could tell them how we did it, we finally decided to sell our plans for anyone else who thinks this is the perfect loft bed too! Our twin ed only took a few days to make, and cost under $75 for materials! (Not including paint, should you decide to paint yours, like we did.) If you would like a copy of our very detailed plans, which include lots of diagrams and photos, we are selling them for $10 via paypal, to go towards our kid’s college fund!

Buy Now

10/6/15 UPDATE! I am attempting a new method of payment that will send out the plans instantly, rather than my having to send them personally when I’m able to. (It’s that BUY NOW button above). I’m no programmer, so hoping this works! Just waiting for my first guinea pig. Please just lemme know if you purchase and do not receive your plans right away. Thanks for your patience!

10/8/15 UPDATE! I think it’s working! This will allow you to get your plans AS SOON AS YOU ORDER THEM – yay! One thing: you will get an email that might look like spam, which will include a link that might look like more spam. It’s not! It’s from “e-junkie” which is the service I’m using to send out the plans to you.

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